Why Sex Education Is So Important

Sex is one of the building blocks of life. Unfortunately, this is a topic that many people are not educated about. Sex education is vitally important for a number of reasons. Read on to learn why proper education is so crucial when it comes to sex.

It Can Help People To Plan For The Future

While many people want to start a family someday, a significant percentage of people wind up doing that sooner than they planned. This can happen even when people use some sort of birth control.

People often think that birth control is completely effective. However, the statistics we see about birth control typically describe “perfect” use rates rather than typical use rates.

There are a number of things that can make birth control less effective. Some birth control pills need to be taken at the same time every single day. Condoms can expire and break. In some cases, being on antibiotics could render birth control ineffective.

When people receive proper sex education, they’ll be able to make informed decisions about birth control. Sex education allows people to plan for the future and start a family on their schedule. Education can give people more control over their lives.

It Can Protect People From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

People often assume that they don’t need to be tested for STDs if they aren’t showing any symptoms. Although some STDs have symptoms that are easy to recognize, it’s also possible for people to be carriers for STDs, even if they haven’t shown any symptoms at all.

Sex education can teach people how important regular testing is. It can also educate people on how they can protect themselves against STIs. With regular testing, these diseases are less likely to spread.

Sex Education Can Leave People Feeling Less Ashamed About Sex

Sex is an important part of life. Unfortunately, a lack of education can leave a lot of people feeling ashamed about their sexual desires. Many people are uncomfortable talking about sex with their partners, which means that the sex they are having is less satisfying.

When people receive ample sex education, however, sex is far less likely to be a source of shame for them. People will talk about sex more openly.

Many people desire to find the best sex toys to enhance their relationship in the bedroom. Others would like to introduce another person into the mix for having threesomes. But it’s difficult to do this without communication and understanding.

Education allows people to have more satisfying sex, which can lead to increased satisfaction in romantic relationships.

Education Can Protect Children

Unfortunately, a significant number of children are targeted by predators. It’s important for even young children to receive a basic sexual education. Children should be taught the name of all their body parts, and they should be told that adults should never touch these parts of their bodies.

Studies have shown that educating children can help to identify sexual abuse quickly. When children understand that an adult’s behavior is wrong, they’ll be able to speak up and get the help that they need.

The importance of sex education can’t be understated. People from all walks of life should be receiving sex education that they need. Every state should make it a priority.

Your Sex Toy Starter Kit

There is nothing wrong with introducing sex toys into your relationship, toys are meant to improve your pleasure.  They can help you figure out what feels good and add an element of playfulness to your sex life.  Good sex toys don’t have to be some elaborate bondage kit that takes hours to set up, in fact there are a handful of items that aren’t that freaky that can make up your sex toy starter kit.

Massage Oil

Everybody can benefit from a sensual massage and as far as toys go massage oil is pretty tame, you won’t even blush buying it.  You can get massage oils or candles with oil that tingles or generates heat.  You and your partner can have a lot of fun with some high quality massage oils.  They come in a variety of scents and they make your skin feel wonderful.

Personal Lubricant

Personal lubricants aren’t just for anal sex, in fact they can be used to enhance masturbation.  Lube can be great for couple and it should be part of any toy kit, it can help when you play around with vibrators or dildo.  Remember to buy a good quality lubricant the cheap kind can irritate your skin and cause vaginal infections in women.

Basic Bondage Toys

You don’t have to be into BDSM to appreciate a little bondage you can start with something as simple as a blindfold.  Covering your eyes heightens the other senses and can make the experience more sensual. After that you can tryout some handcuffs or wrist restraints.  Wrist restraints restrict your movement allowing you to just lay back and enjoy the pleasure that your partner gives you.  You can use silk, fabric or leather for restraints.  It can be great foreplay, here is an intro to help you get started.

Cock Ring

A cock ring is not just for the guys women can benefit from its use too.  A cock ring is worn around the base of the penis and it restricts the blood flow to delay orgasm, so ladies your man can last a whole lot longer.  You can also get cock rings that vibrate and both of you can enjoy them, this is a must-have toy for any collection.

A Vibrator

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes from egg vibrators to mini bullets.  Vibrators are perfect for masturbation or fun with your partner.  They are easy to use, they don’t cost a fortune and are often the first toy a woman buys.

These are the basics of any toy kit and they are a good way to start with introducing your partner to toys in the bedroom.

Myths About Sex Toys

There are a lot of myths about sex toys and there really shouldn’t be, most of myths come from the fact that many people are too embarrassed to talk about sex toys.  Sex toys can be a fun part of a healthy adult relationship.  Let’s dispel some of the myths that surround sex toys and get to the real truth.

Myth #1: People Don’t Use Sex Toys

Wrong, sex toys are a billion dollar business.  Adult toys don’t make you “weird” nor does it indicate anything negative about your relationship.  It is just something that helps you have more fun in the bedroom.

Myth #2: Toys are Only for Masturbation

While using sex toys is pretty common for masturbation there are plenty of couples that enjoy using them together.  Using sex toys indicates that the couple are adventurous together and are open to trying new things.

Myth #3: They Make Your Partner Feel Inadequate

While that can happen it is extremely rare.  Sex toys can give you a moment or two of pleasure but they are certainly no substitute for a spouse or partner, they certainly won’t cuddle with you after sex.  Explain this to your partner and communicate how important they are to you and that this is meant to enhance your sex life not become your sex life.

Myth #4: Sex Toys can be Physically Dangerous

This one is just silly.  Toys can have such a positive impact on your sexual health particularly for women who have trouble with orgasm or find sex painful.  Women can use vibrators to stimulate blood flow and there are kegel balls to help you tone your pelvic muscles.  It isn’t just women that benefit from sex toys, men do too, prostate massagers can help with erectile dysfunction.  Most importantly orgasms help you manage pain, look younger and live longer!

Myth #5: Sex Toys Stop You From Achieving Orgasm with Your Partner

This is even sillier than the last myth and it goes along with the notion that healthy partners have no need for sex toys.  Nobody replaces their partner with a vibrator but rather they choose to spice things up in the bedroom with toys that can include role playing, light bondage or even just different positions.

Sex toys are there to make sex better.  It is an opportunity to bring you and your partner closer together, to try new things and explore your sexuality.  Don’t let any of these silly myths stop you from exploring how much fun sex toys can be.