Myths About Sex Toys

There are a lot of myths about sex toys and there really shouldn’t be, most of myths come from the fact that many people are too embarrassed to talk about sex toys.  Sex toys can be a fun part of a healthy adult relationship.  Let’s dispel some of the myths that surround sex toys and get to the real truth.

Myth #1: People Don’t Use Sex Toys

Wrong, sex toys are a billion dollar business.  Adult toys don’t make you “weird” nor does it indicate anything negative about your relationship.  It is just something that helps you have more fun in the bedroom.

Myth #2: Toys are Only for Masturbation

While using sex toys is pretty common for masturbation there are plenty of couples that enjoy using them together.  Using sex toys indicates that the couple are adventurous together and are open to trying new things.

Myth #3: They Make Your Partner Feel Inadequate

While that can happen it is extremely rare.  Sex toys can give you a moment or two of pleasure but they are certainly no substitute for a spouse or partner, they certainly won’t cuddle with you after sex.  Explain this to your partner and communicate how important they are to you and that this is meant to enhance your sex life not become your sex life.

Myth #4: Sex Toys can be Physically Dangerous

This one is just silly.  Toys can have such a positive impact on your sexual health particularly for women who have trouble with orgasm or find sex painful.  Women can use vibrators to stimulate blood flow and there are kegel balls to help you tone your pelvic muscles.  It isn’t just women that benefit from sex toys, men do too, prostate massagers can help with erectile dysfunction.  Most importantly orgasms help you manage pain, look younger and live longer!

Myth #5: Sex Toys Stop You From Achieving Orgasm with Your Partner

This is even sillier than the last myth and it goes along with the notion that healthy partners have no need for sex toys.  Nobody replaces their partner with a vibrator but rather they choose to spice things up in the bedroom with toys that can include role playing, light bondage or even just different positions.

Sex toys are there to make sex better.  It is an opportunity to bring you and your partner closer together, to try new things and explore your sexuality.  Don’t let any of these silly myths stop you from exploring how much fun sex toys can be.